As from Mon 19th Oct, the Centre will be open 7 x 2-hour sessions a week. 5 mornings (Mon to Fri) 1 lunchtime (Wed) and 1 evening (Friday) This is for a 2-week trial period while we asses whether or not it is financially viable to keep the Centre open.

Rink & table bookings can be made up to 6 days in advance, but rember you can only play and socialise with people from your own household.


With Erewash moving into Tier-2, you can now only bowl with members of your own household. We therefore have no alternative but to postpone our winter league program.

We have no idea how long these restrictions are likely to last, but hopefully we will before too long be able to provide some form of team competitive bowling again.


It is now more important than ever for members to follow our safe social distancing measures.

Do not come to the Centre if you show any Covid 19 symptoms, wash/gel your hands, wear a face covering & maintain 2-metre social distancing.